Bathroom Trends For 2016


The bathroom is one of the most used and important rooms in your house so, understandably, you want it to look its best. To this end, you would want to be really careful about trendy choices when renovating, remodelling, or installing a new bathroom and adding bathroom accessories in Auckland. The last thing you want is a bathroom that is out of sync in just a few years simply because you followed an outdated trend. Instead, you need to ensure that you are getting the best possible return on investment by making choices that will last. Here are bathroom trends for 2016 with staying power.

Well-Lit Bathrooms

Homeowners are not settling for just ceiling lights to illuminate their bathrooms. They are implementing extensive and stylish lighting, including but not limited to crystal chandeliers, antique sconces, lamp sconces, iron lanterns, and low-voltage LED light tape strips. This way, they are able to achieve a dreamy and/or luxurious bathroom that is a joy to use.

Simplicity and Functionality

The minimalist movement of the 60s continues to gain traction and many homeowners are opting for predominantly white colour palettes, designing with light-wood textures and clearing away unnecessary clutter. Many homeowners would rather choose a clean, practical and streamlined look than an overdone design that is not functional.


The use of timber continues to flourish in today’s modern bathroom. This trend has been fuelled by the emergence of new purpose-built timber products for bathrooms that allow homeowners to bring the natural warmth of wood into a space where it was previously taboo to do so.

If you are interested in incorporating wood into your bathroom, consult a qualified Auckland contractor to help you with designing, choosing the right products and professional bathroom installation in Auckland.

Cool Tones

Creating a tranquil bathroom environment in which to relax after a long tiring day has become the main objective of homeowners when building or renovating a bathroom. To achieve this, they are incorporating cool hues such as emerald greens and blues paired with touches of wood or metallic accents and rustic bathroom materials that allow for a design that is both edgy and sophisticated.

Bringing Nature In

This trend has been around for sometime and is expected to continue well into 2017. Homeowners are incorporating indoor plants, such as jasmine and sansevieria, and other natural elements to capture the essence of the outdoors and bring it in to make it part of the bathroom design. There are a lot of bathroom renovation ideas in Auckland that you can use.

Focus On Bathroom Ambience

2016 has also seen homeowners put less focus on utility and more on creating the right bathroom ambience. They’ve realized that the bathroom is not just a place to go to freshen up, but a place of relaxation, a place of solace, and a place of privacy – where we are free to escape to. To create a perfect escape, homeowners are incorporating features that are geared toward making the bathroom a relaxing and homely place that it is supposed to be. Such features include mood lighting, custom furniture-like cabinetry, feature faucets, and more.


The use of marble is a bathroom trend that has been huge in 2016. This is not surprising given marble projects a feeling of luxury and adds a boutique hotel feel to the bathroom space. This natural stone is always a classic – it is a beautiful bathroom material that will never go out of date. Depending on your budget, you can go marble from wall to wall or incorporate it sparingly in specific areas such as sink countertops or showers.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Accents

Many homeowners are taking tile beyond the floor, which acts as an affordable way to upgrade the bathroom. You can add glamour and sparkle to your bathroom space by engaging a bathroom tiles Auckland specialist to install a backsplash of mosaic tile above your bathroom’s vanity or tile entire walls to make a statement.

Flameless Glass Showers

Flameless glass showers were a big trend in 2015 and continue to thrive even today. The flameless glass lends a luxurious look to a bathroom whilst contributing to its functionality. A bathroom design services Auckland provider can help you create and install one to transform your bathroom.

Home Trends: Reliable, High-Quality Bathroom Renovation & Design Services, Plus Top Notch Bathroom Products, For Auckland

Home Trends are one of Auckland’s premier providers of bathroom design and installations and bathroom tiles Auckland solutions. With over 23 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right bathrooms Auckland products, advice, bathroom design services Auckland and installation service, so you can realise the right solution that perfectly suits your individual needs, budget and style. We offer free plans, free detailed quotations, a comprehensive range of bathroom products and accessories, full consultation, complete project management, and professional design services Auckland and installation.

We will take care of everything from the designing stage right through to the completion of your bathroom, with all work guaranteed and fully insured. Feel free to call us on 0800 881 991 today to arrange for one of our experts to come out to your location or visit our Browns Bay bathroom and tile showroom with 19 fully-fitted bathrooms on display. And don’t forget to visit our website – – to learn more about our services.

5 Top Bathroom Design Tips You Should Consider For Your Next Renovation Project


Everybody can upgrade or have bathroom renovation without too much effort, as all you need is a bit of imagination and a decent budget. Nonetheless, if you want to make the best of your money and to make sure that your bathroom is one step ahead of the trends, then you should consider the following tips for decorating your bathroom:

Opt For A Spa Shower

A spa shower is more than just a relaxing addition to your bathroom – it is a practical and functional renovation that can boost your bathroom’s comfort and value. If you want to enjoy that unforgettable spa-resort experience in your own bathroom, then look no further than a ceiling-mounted rain shower that also features vertical rows of body sprays designed to not only help you wash yourself easier, but also to massage your body while doing so. You can opt for one of the countless readily available spa showers or you can get a custom-made stall that matches your tilework.

Choose A Separate Toilet

There has been a trend over the past several years where people have started to opt for separate toilets and bathrooms. This is practical in allowing for your family to make use of each room separately, as well as being more hygienic!

Consider A Corner Sink

Corner sinks are very underrated nowadays, when the truth is that they are the best choice for homeowners with small bathrooms. A classic pedestal sink may not always be the most space-effective choice, not to mention that it can sometimes interfere with the traffic lane in your bathroom. A corner sink, on the other hand, or an undermount bathroom sink are two of the best options available, if you are looking for an economical and hassle-free sink.

The Flooring Can Make Or Break Your Bathroom

Never get caught up in the design of your bathroom, forgetting about the flooring – it is essential to choose durable, cost-effective flooring that matches the general decor and style of your bathroom. Stone tiles, ceramic tiles, marble or granite are four of the best materials you can opt for, not just because they look very luxurious and elegant, but also because they are highly resistant to moisture and, unlike wood, they inhibit bacterial growth in-between the tiles.

Invest In A High-End Lighting System

Lastly, it would be pointless to invest in top-notch furniture and cabinetry if you neglect your lighting – you should consider halogen lights, as they are the most efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective ones. Halogen lights are very versatile, and they are available either as pendant lights or spotlights that can be great for architectural lighting or for mood lighting. Regardless of your choice, it is very important to make sure that you always install dimmers!

These are the top 5 bathroom design tips you should consider if you have decided to spruce up your bathroom and turn it into a little sanctuary. If you are looking for professional, fast and affordable North Shore bathroom design services, then Home Trends is certainly a great choice – with a 10 year guarantee on the products and installation, Home Trends has established itself as a trustworthy bathroom

Contact our friendly team at Home Trends to make a booking!

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Home Trends: Designer Bathrooms for the Auckland Area


At Home Trends, we deliver your dream bathroom design ideas in Auckland. If you dream of owning a home with a separate tub and shower, or wish to have the finest stainless steel fixtures installed in your bathroom we can provide these, and other excellent bathroom renovation services to customers throughout Auckland. Regardless of what your dreams are, how big or small your space is, or what your budget is, we can provide a variety of services bathroom remodelling services at Home Trends.

We specialise in bathroom designs including full remodelling or additions such as new tapware, new basins, or vanities. We have 19 different bathrooms on show in our showrooms, which depict a variety of current trends in the world of bathroom design.

We use only high quality NZ and European made fixtures and parts, guaranteeing up to ten years of quality in the products we install into your bathroom space. With full bath and tile solutions, we can come up with the perfect design to suit any decor, or any unique style trends you would like to see in your bathroom. We have been in the bathroom renovation industry for over 21 years and our highly experienced technicians offer complete tiling and bathroom renovation services throughout Auckland.

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom allow our team at Home Trends to work with you. Whether you wish to visit our showroom to see the fixtures, tiles, and other products we have, or prefer speaking to a technician in your home, we can arrange to meet with you and discuss your ideas.

We have a Home Trends showroom in Browns Bay, servicing the Auckland, NZ area. With an enormous showroom, we have a team of highly dedicated techs working on various bathroom solutions for our customers. Whether you need new lighting fixtures, a new basin tub, new tiles, or any other bathroom fixtures we service Auckland city and surrounding areas with professional installation services.

If you are ready to begin your bathroom renovation project visit our Home Trends showroom in Auckland, or go online to the Home Trends website,, where you be able to view some of the products we offer and book a bathroom renovation consultation.

Contact our friendly team at Home trends to make a booking!

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Home Trends – Bathroom Design in the North Shore


They say to truly see the beauty of a home, check the bathroom. There is some truth in these words. Most homeowners tend to neglect the state of the bathroom when designing a home or when doing some home renovations. It is only when everything is done, they step into the bathroom and they start to wish they could have spent more focus and time designing a good bathroom.

Most people tend to forget that they start and end their day in the bathroom. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should never neglect bathroom design, including bathroom tiles. Thankfully, you can avoid such kind of mistakes with Home Trends; a store dedicated to bathroom design in Auckland’s North Shore.

Home Trends – Bathroom Design in the North Shore, And More

If you are looking for bathroom design ideas for your North Shore home, then Home Trends is the place to be. Why? Because we can offer complete bathroom solutions, like:

* Bathroom Design Ideas – Home Trends can physically walk you to different bathroom themes and designs. In their showroom, you will see how everything will fit together.

* Bathroom Consulting Service – designing an elegant and beautiful bathroom can be very stressful as there are different items to choose from. Home Trends can help advise you with the right kind of products, from bathroom tiles to mirrors. What this means for you is you will end up with a bathroom that looks cohesive, and nothing is out of place.

Let’s look at some of the common problems Auckland homeowners have when they start a bathroom renovation.

* Ideas – this is probably the biggest difficulty for most homeowners when designing a bathroom. Most are simply lost when it comes to choosing the right design or theme. Thankfully, Home Trends can help you with this process. As mentioned before, you can choose a design from our showroom or we can help you design a bespoke bathroom that compliments the overall look of your Auckland home.

* Lack Of Expertise – Unless you are bathroom designer, then there is a good chance that you lack expertise in designing a bathroom. This lack of expertise can be a dangerous thing as you run the risk of creating a bathroom with good looking individual products, but nothing looks right together.

This is a common mistake for homeowners that think like “I like this faucet design, I like this showerhead design and I like this sink” but the individual products don’t compliment each other. With Home Trends, we can help you choose the right bathroom tiles, fixtures, shower heads and everything else that is found in your bathroom.

* Value – another problem when designing a new bathroom is being able to get value for money. We can help you with this, because we know the kind of products that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Home Trends is here to help you design a bathroom that is unique, elegant and beautiful. Contact our expert bathroom designers and let us help you transform your Auckland home and get the most of your budget. If you are planning to do some bathroom remodeling or building a new house on the North Shore, just visit our website, for bathroom design inspiration and advice.

Contact our friendly team at Home Trends to make a booking!

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5 Home Renovations That Add Value to Your Home


If you are interested in home renovations which improve the value of your home, you need the professionals to help you with this. Home Trends is a company which can see to it that you transform the look of your home with just one makeover. For about 19 years, Home Trends has been known for expert bathroom renovations and tiling solutions. Here are some of the five home renovations which the company can do that can add value to your home.

Bathroom Design

The good news for any homeowner is that whether they have a bathroom design in mind or not, the professionals will come in and help them implement their ideas and make them a reality. The bathroom designs range from modern and contemporary ones to personalized and creative options which suit the clients’ taste and style. At Home Trends, you will find the kind of advice you need when you are stuck. The professionals will even help you come up with a design from scratch.

Bathroom Tiling

One of the services which Home Trends offers is bathroom tiling. The experts source their tiles from all over the world. Their bathroom displays give clients options to choose from when it comes to their bathroom floor tiling or walls. On top of that, they have consultants who can help you choose the best colour range and design for your own bathroom. Their displays also have plans and measurements to help clients and potential customers to make the right choice for their won bathroom space.

Floor/Swimming Pool Tiling

The experts not only tile bathrooms but they can also transform the look of your entire house. They can tile your family room and your outdoor spaces. When you need an expert to tile your swimming pool area or patio, you can rely on the services of Home Trends. With their experience that dates back to 19995, you can take advantage of their professional installation services.


Home Trends offers their customers a wide range of products which can help them transform the look of their homes in no time. They stock a full range of new tiles ranging from ceramic tiles to non-slip ones. They also stock pool tiles, tile trims, adhesives and Bisazza mosaics.

Installations and Repairs

Home Trends has offered home and bathroom renovation in Auckland and North Shore for many years. They have project managers who can work on your project from scratch. Not only do they offer fresh installation services but they also repair floors. Where your tiles are beyond repair, they will install fresh ones. When you are doing renovations, it is the perfect time to think of new tile designs and colours to change the look of your home.

The good thing about working with project managers from Home Trends is that they are experienced in offering renovations services. You can benefit from their wide range of services, DIY services and samples of designs for your own project. To contact them to work on your project, visit them at today.

Contact our friendly team at Home Trends to make a booking!

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Add Value to Your Home with These 5 Home Renovations That You Must Do


While renovations and remodelling projects can increase the market value of your house, not all home improvement and renovation projects are created equal. Certain renovations add more resale value to a house than others; and there are also projects that could make selling more difficult.

5 Renovation Projects with The Highest Resale Value in Wellington, NZ

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovation Wellington projects offer one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. You can actually recoup 100%, or more, of whatever you spend renovating, remodelling or adding a bathroom. A stylish bathroom with high-tech features, sparkling fixtures and sleek design touches acts as a magnet for prospective buyers. Adding a second bathroom can also be a smart move, as many homebuyers perceive a second bathroom as one of the top requirements when purchasing a house.

But before you embark on any bathroom renovation project, you’ll need to talk to the experts. Depending on what you want to do, you might need advice from a bathroom design wellington professional. Experienced bathroom specialists in Wellington can help you with designing, selecting the best materials, through to installation and full project management.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and updating this room really pays off. With a well planned and executed kitchen remodelling project, you can recoup 60%-120% of your investment. The key here is to make sure that you are not going overboard. Making your kitchen fancier than the rest of the house could ruin the overall look of its exterior, which in turn may reduce its resale value.

Walls And Floors

Updating your walls and flooring can make a huge difference to your house, and greatly boost its value. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to break the bank to give your walls and floors an update. Adding a new coat of paint in a neutral colour, both to the interior and the exterior of your home as well as on the trim, will greatly enhance your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers without leaving a huge dent in your wallet.

Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Renovations that connect your indoor and outdoor areas will add new look to your home and attract potential buyers. Consider home renovation projects that create a seamless flow between the interiors and the outside area of your home, such as adding an ample-size pivoting glass door, sliding doors, covered patios, generous windows, floor-to-ceiling glass doors, sheltered outdoor spaces, and so on.

Sprucing Up Your Street View

Research indicates that over 50% of all homes are sold even before prospective buyers open the front door. This can be attributed to the fact that the immediate “road appeal” often has a big visual and emotional impact and creates a huge influence on the way a house for sale is perceived upon closer inspection.

So make sure your house looks great when viewed from across the road. Renovation projects that can help boost your home’s street appeal include: repainting the front door, sprucing up the entryway, upgrading the landscaping and decking, renovating the driveway and paths, repainting your exterior surfaces, etc.

Get Quality Bathroom Renovation And Design Services From Home Trends To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Home Trend is an Auckland-based company specialising in bathroom design, supply and installation. With over 19 years experience designing and supplying North Shore tiles and designer bathrooms throughout Auckland and New Zealand, our aim is to provide a complete bathroom renovation solution. We can take care of your project from design, supply to installation.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and experienced designers offer a complete range of bathroom services, including bathroom design North Shore plans, project management, professional installation, and bathroom renovation Wellington services like plumbing, tiling, plastering, joinery work and electrics.

We have complete confidence in our workmanship and that’s why all of it comes with a full guarantee. We have a large bathroom and tile showroom, where we can take you through your options and help you find the right products, advice and service so you can get a quality solution that suits your style, needs and budget. Call us to learn more (0800 881 991)

Contact our friendly team at Home Trends to make a booking!

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Starting Renovations in Your Home


Is your old house not good enough anymore? Are you thinking of renovating parts or all of it? What are your reasons behind renovating the place? All these questions are significant ones, the answers to which have a huge bearing upon the effectiveness of your renovation plan. In this article, we will take a look at some best practices to hold to while starting upon a renovation drive.

1) Why are you renovating the place?

Is it because you want to live there for years and years and wish to make the place more comfortable or pleasing? Or is it because you are looking to sell the property and renovation will simply improve its prospects?

Deciding your reasons is a significant milestone before you set out on the journey. You may want to spend more money in the former case while it will be better to constrain yourself in the latter.

2) Decide upon a Budget

Deciding upon and sticking to a budget is extremely important. Like we can’t stress its importance enough. It’s very easy to go into overdrive and end up spending more than you planned or you can afford to while on a renovation spree. However, doing so may leave you in a bad position, financially. Which is why it is so important to decide upon and stick to a pre-set budget.

3) Don’t go into overdrive

It is very important to be real. All of us want to live in a huge, comfortable, airy house with a hundred windows that open to the sun, however, lets keep things in perspective. Renovate but don’t pull the whole place down as doing so will be both expensive and unlikely to get you the satisfaction you wanted.

4) Do your research

Before moving into the perilous waters of actual renovation, it is very important to do your research. The web is your friend here although talking to friends who have gone through the process is also a good idea. Along with advice on how to actually begin the process, they also have a lot of ideas and opinions that are worth their weight in gold.

For example, only someone who has gone through the process can tell you the importance of sealing every closet and taking down valuables from the wall so as to save you the trouble of having to clean dust off of everything after the renovation.

5) Get some experts

The most important part of all. Hiring amateurs or even trying to do things yourself may land you in hot soup. There have been plenty of cases where DIY attempts failed miserably causing the loss of living space along with tons of money to boot. Which is why it is vital to take up the services of a firm specializing in renovations that can guide you through the whole process and make it as painless as possible. Bathroom design are even trickier as they involve messing with your plumbing.

A highly recommendable service is Hometrendz ( that have been revolutionizing bathroom renovations in North Shore. With an experience of over two decades, Hometrendz is the final word in bathroom renovation and other really cool stuff. Whether it is Mapei and Bostik Waterproofing or Plumbline Toilets, Custom-made Laundry renovation or even Heirloom Heated Ladders, Hometrendz are the only people you will ever need to contact.

Contact our friendly team at Home Trends to make a booking!