5 Top Bathroom Design Tips You Should Consider For Your Next Renovation Project


Everybody can upgrade or have bathroom renovation without too much effort, as all you need is a bit of imagination and a decent budget. Nonetheless, if you want to make the best of your money and to make sure that your bathroom is one step ahead of the trends, then you should consider the following tips for decorating your bathroom:

Opt For A Spa Shower

A spa shower is more than just a relaxing addition to your bathroom – it is a practical and functional renovation that can boost your bathroom’s comfort and value. If you want to enjoy that unforgettable spa-resort experience in your own bathroom, then look no further than a ceiling-mounted rain shower that also features vertical rows of body sprays designed to not only help you wash yourself easier, but also to massage your body while doing so. You can opt for one of the countless readily available spa showers or you can get a custom-made stall that matches your tilework.

Choose A Separate Toilet

There has been a trend over the past several years where people have started to opt for separate toilets and bathrooms. This is practical in allowing for your family to make use of each room separately, as well as being more hygienic!

Consider A Corner Sink

Corner sinks are very underrated nowadays, when the truth is that they are the best choice for homeowners with small bathrooms. A classic pedestal sink may not always be the most space-effective choice, not to mention that it can sometimes interfere with the traffic lane in your bathroom. A corner sink, on the other hand, or an undermount bathroom sink are two of the best options available, if you are looking for an economical and hassle-free sink.

The Flooring Can Make Or Break Your Bathroom

Never get caught up in the design of your bathroom, forgetting about the flooring – it is essential to choose durable, cost-effective flooring that matches the general decor and style of your bathroom. Stone tiles, ceramic tiles, marble or granite are four of the best materials you can opt for, not just because they look very luxurious and elegant, but also because they are highly resistant to moisture and, unlike wood, they inhibit bacterial growth in-between the tiles.

Invest In A High-End Lighting System

Lastly, it would be pointless to invest in top-notch furniture and cabinetry if you neglect your lighting – you should consider halogen lights, as they are the most efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective ones. Halogen lights are very versatile, and they are available either as pendant lights or spotlights that can be great for architectural lighting or for mood lighting. Regardless of your choice, it is very important to make sure that you always install dimmers!

These are the top 5 bathroom design tips you should consider if you have decided to spruce up your bathroom and turn it into a little sanctuary. If you are looking for professional, fast and affordable North Shore bathroom design services, then Home Trends is certainly a great choice – with a 10 year guarantee on the products and installation, Home Trends has established itself as a trustworthy bathroom

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