Home Trends – Bathroom Design in the North Shore


They say to truly see the beauty of a home, check the bathroom. There is some truth in these words. Most homeowners tend to neglect the state of the bathroom when designing a home or when doing some home renovations. It is only when everything is done, they step into the bathroom and they start to wish they could have spent more focus and time designing a good bathroom.

Most people tend to forget that they start and end their day in the bathroom. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should never neglect bathroom design, including bathroom tiles. Thankfully, you can avoid such kind of mistakes with Home Trends; a store dedicated to bathroom design in Auckland’s North Shore.

Home Trends – Bathroom Design in the North Shore, And More

If you are looking for bathroom design ideas for your North Shore home, then Home Trends is the place to be. Why? Because we can offer complete bathroom solutions, like:

* Bathroom Design Ideas – Home Trends can physically walk you to different bathroom themes and designs. In their showroom, you will see how everything will fit together.

* Bathroom Consulting Service – designing an elegant and beautiful bathroom can be very stressful as there are different items to choose from. Home Trends can help advise you with the right kind of products, from bathroom tiles to mirrors. What this means for you is you will end up with a bathroom that looks cohesive, and nothing is out of place.

Let’s look at some of the common problems Auckland homeowners have when they start a bathroom renovation.

* Ideas – this is probably the biggest difficulty for most homeowners when designing a bathroom. Most are simply lost when it comes to choosing the right design or theme. Thankfully, Home Trends can help you with this process. As mentioned before, you can choose a design from our showroom or we can help you design a bespoke bathroom that compliments the overall look of your Auckland home.

* Lack Of Expertise – Unless you are bathroom designer, then there is a good chance that you lack expertise in designing a bathroom. This lack of expertise can be a dangerous thing as you run the risk of creating a bathroom with good looking individual products, but nothing looks right together.

This is a common mistake for homeowners that think like “I like this faucet design, I like this showerhead design and I like this sink” but the individual products don’t compliment each other. With Home Trends, we can help you choose the right bathroom tiles, fixtures, shower heads and everything else that is found in your bathroom.

* Value – another problem when designing a new bathroom is being able to get value for money. We can help you with this, because we know the kind of products that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Home Trends is here to help you design a bathroom that is unique, elegant and beautiful. Contact our expert bathroom designers and let us help you transform your Auckland home and get the most of your budget. If you are planning to do some bathroom remodeling or building a new house on the North Shore, just visit our website www.hometrends.co.nz, for bathroom design inspiration and advice.

Contact our friendly team at Home Trends to make a booking!

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