Starting Renovations in Your Home


Is your old house not good enough anymore? Are you thinking of renovating parts or all of it? What are your reasons behind renovating the place? All these questions are significant ones, the answers to which have a huge bearing upon the effectiveness of your renovation plan. In this article, we will take a look at some best practices to hold to while starting upon a renovation drive.

1) Why are you renovating the place?

Is it because you want to live there for years and years and wish to make the place more comfortable or pleasing? Or is it because you are looking to sell the property and renovation will simply improve its prospects?

Deciding your reasons is a significant milestone before you set out on the journey. You may want to spend more money in the former case while it will be better to constrain yourself in the latter.

2) Decide upon a Budget

Deciding upon and sticking to a budget is extremely important. Like we can’t stress its importance enough. It’s very easy to go into overdrive and end up spending more than you planned or you can afford to while on a renovation spree. However, doing so may leave you in a bad position, financially. Which is why it is so important to decide upon and stick to a pre-set budget.

3) Don’t go into overdrive

It is very important to be real. All of us want to live in a huge, comfortable, airy house with a hundred windows that open to the sun, however, lets keep things in perspective. Renovate but don’t pull the whole place down as doing so will be both expensive and unlikely to get you the satisfaction you wanted.

4) Do your research

Before moving into the perilous waters of actual renovation, it is very important to do your research. The web is your friend here although talking to friends who have gone through the process is also a good idea. Along with advice on how to actually begin the process, they also have a lot of ideas and opinions that are worth their weight in gold.

For example, only someone who has gone through the process can tell you the importance of sealing every closet and taking down valuables from the wall so as to save you the trouble of having to clean dust off of everything after the renovation.

5) Get some experts

The most important part of all. Hiring amateurs or even trying to do things yourself may land you in hot soup. There have been plenty of cases where DIY attempts failed miserably causing the loss of living space along with tons of money to boot. Which is why it is vital to take up the services of a firm specializing in renovations that can guide you through the whole process and make it as painless as possible. Bathroom design are even trickier as they involve messing with your plumbing.

A highly recommendable service is Hometrendz ( that have been revolutionizing bathroom renovations in North Shore. With an experience of over two decades, Hometrendz is the final word in bathroom renovation and other really cool stuff. Whether it is Mapei and Bostik Waterproofing or Plumbline Toilets, Custom-made Laundry renovation or even Heirloom Heated Ladders, Hometrendz are the only people you will ever need to contact.

Contact our friendly team at Home Trends to make a booking!


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