Home Trends: Designer Bathrooms for the Auckland Area


At Home Trends, we deliver your dream bathroom design ideas in Auckland. If you dream of owning a home with a separate tub and shower, or wish to have the finest stainless steel fixtures installed in your bathroom we can provide these, and other excellent bathroom renovation services to customers throughout Auckland. Regardless of what your dreams are, how big or small your space is, or what your budget is, we can provide a variety of services bathroom remodelling services at Home Trends.

We specialise in bathroom designs including full remodelling or additions such as new tapware, new basins, or vanities. We have 19 different bathrooms on show in our showrooms, which depict a variety of current trends in the world of bathroom design.

We use only high quality NZ and European made fixtures and parts, guaranteeing up to ten years of quality in the products we install into your bathroom space. With full bath and tile solutions, we can come up with the perfect design to suit any decor, or any unique style trends you would like to see in your bathroom. We have been in the bathroom renovation industry for over 21 years and our highly experienced technicians offer complete tiling and bathroom renovation services throughout Auckland.

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom allow our team at Home Trends to work with you. Whether you wish to visit our showroom to see the fixtures, tiles, and other products we have, or prefer speaking to a technician in your home, we can arrange to meet with you and discuss your ideas.

We have a Home Trends showroom in Browns Bay, servicing the Auckland, NZ area. With an enormous showroom, we have a team of highly dedicated techs working on various bathroom solutions for our customers. Whether you need new lighting fixtures, a new basin tub, new tiles, or any other bathroom fixtures we service Auckland city and surrounding areas with professional installation services.

If you are ready to begin your bathroom renovation project visit our Home Trends showroom in Auckland, or go online to the Home Trends website, www.hometrends.co.nz, where you be able to view some of the products we offer and book a bathroom renovation consultation.

Contact our friendly team at Home trends to make a booking!

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